ISO 45001 documents contains more than 100 editable MS-Word files. These editable documents address all the elements of occupational, health and safety management system.

  • A Manual
  • Required Procedures
  • Formats
  • Sample Filled Forms

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All ISO documents are designed under the guidance of experienced ISO consultants.

Content of ISO 45001:2018 Documentation Kit – Manual, Procedures, Forms, Audit checklist in English

The contents of the ISO 45001 document kit which we offer includes more than 100 editable files as listed below:

  1. ISO 45001 Manual (14 files): A sample manual and each of the chapters are explained in easy to understand language. The ISO 45001 manual describes how a user can implement ISO 45001 system.
  2. ISO 45001 Procedures (14 procedures): It includes total 14 mandatory procedures to implement the system in the company. These procedures comply with hazard and risk assessment, communication and emergency preparedness.
  3. IOH&S Plan (5 plans): It includes 2 sample Occupational health & safety plans for improving the system.
  4. Standard Operating Procedures (36 sops): Documents include Occupational health & safety SOP and health and safety control procedures for good work practices.
  5. Exhibits (5 exhibits): The 5 exhibits covering ISO objectives and targets and occupational health & safety management system operational control plan are given.
  6. ISO 45001 policies and OHS plans (7 policies and 2 OHS plans): It includes occupational health & Safety policies and work specifications emergency plans to reduce accidents.
  7. OHSMPs: Occupational health safety management plans like waste management, equipment safety, storage facilities, etc..
  8. Blank Formats for record-keeping (55 blank forms): A set of 55 Occupational health & safety templates and standard forms to keep records.
  9. Filled Formats (19 sample filled forms): and demonstrate the implementation of occupational health & safety management systems.
  10. Sample Management Review Meeting: It covers the sample copy of agenda of the management review meeting and objective review.
  11. ISO 45001 Audit checklist (more than 500 audit questions)
    • Clause-wise BS ISO 45001 audit checklist
    • Department-wise ISO 45001 audit checklist to implement the system.

    All these ISO 45001 audit checklists can be easily customizable for making your own audit checklist.

  12. Sample filled Hazard-Risk sheet – Hazards and Risk in filled form is given to prepare the Hazards and Risk document.
  13. ISO 45001:2018 Compliance Matrix: It defines a requirement-wise list of documented information reference of this kit.
The long awaited ISO standard for Occupational, health and safety management system – BS ISO 45001 2018 is released.

Documented information package: –

Our document kit comprises sample documents required for ISO45001:2018certification as listed below. All documents are in MS Word format and you can edit it. You can do changes as per your company needs and within few days your entire documents with all necessary system requirements can be made ready. In the ISO45001:2018, at few places, documented information are
required. But for making better system, we have provided many templates from which a user can select to make own system with minor changes. Now, ISO45001:2018standard is not requiring manual, procedures, etc. It requires 2 type of documented information as listed below.
  1. Maintain documented information (Scope, OH&S Manual, process flow charts, Sop etc.)
  2. Retain documented information (Forms – templates )
Under this directory, further files are made in the Word Document as per the details listed below which you can edit it. All the documents are related to manufacturing / process industry.

1. OH&S Manual (10 Chapters and 4 Annexure):

It covers sample copy of OH&S manual and clause-wise details on how ISO45001:2018 systems are implemented. It covers the context of organization, sample policy, objectives, scope,
organizations structure as well as macro level each requirements from 4 to 10 of ISO45001:2018 on how it is implemented in the organization. It covers OH&S 45001:2018 documents for tier-1. It has total 10 chapters that cover company profile, amendment sheet, index, clause wise details as per ISO 45001 for implementation. It covers sample copy of OH&S manual and clause-wise details on how ISO 45001 systems are implemented.
(A) Table of Contents
Section – 1
1. Company Profile
2. Table Of Contents
3. Control And Distribution
Section – 2
4 to 10. Chapter 4 to 10 covers sample OH&S policy, objectives, scope, context of organization and
macro level quality management system explaining how requirements are implemented by organization
in making the OH&S system as per the revised standard.
ANX–I List of documented information
ANX–II Glossary of terms
ANX–III Company activity process flow chart
ANX–IV Organization structure

2. Procedures (14 procedures):

It covers a sample copy of mandatory procedures as per ISO 45001:2018 covering all the details like purpose, scope, responsibility, how procedure is followed as well as the list of exhibits,
reference documents and formats. The list of sample procedures provided is as below.
List of Procedures
  1. Procedure For Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment And Determining Controls
  2. Procedure For Identification Of Legal And Other Requirements
  3. Procedure For Objectives And Targets
  4. Procedure For OHS Management Programme (OHSMP)
  5. Procedure For Communication, Participation and consultation
  6. Procedure For Operational Control
  7. Procedure For Emergency Preparedness And Response
  8. Procedure For Performance Monitoring And Measurement
  9. Procedure For Incident Investigation, Non–Conformity and Corrective Action
  10. Procedure For Document And Data Control
  11. Procedure For Internal Audit
  12. Procedure For Management Review
  13. Procedure For Risk Management
  14. Procedure For Training

3. Standard Operating Procedures (36 SOPs)

It covers a guideline to establish controls on significant hazards, work instructions for operators as well as standard operating procedures. It is useful for process control and establishes an effective OH&S management system. It covers do’s and don’ts for the entire main and critical processes and details as per the list given below. It helps any organization in process mapping as well as preparing the SOPs and work instructions for their own organization.
List of SOPs
  1. SOP for Handling, Storage And Disposal
  2. SOP for Mock Drill
  3. SOP for Safety And Security
  4. SOP for Accident Reporting, Investigation And Analysis
  5. SOP for General Follow–up
  6. SOP for Workshop And Maintenance Activities
  7. SOP for Unloading, Handling And Storage Of Petroleum And Gas
  8. SOP for Handling of Process Materials, RMs And RMs Charging
  9. SOP for Pump Operator
  10. SOP for Drainage Line Cleaning
  11. SOP for Elimination Of Risk Of Accident During Operation Of Chain Pulley Blocks, Pressure Vessel And Lifts
  12. SOP for Glass Wool Control
  13. SOP for Solvent Handling
  14. SOP for Scrap Management
  15. SOP for Plant Shutdown And Start-up
  16. SOP for Use Of Water Reactive Chemicals
  17. SOP for Follow–up Of OHS Requirements At Project Stage
  18. SOP for Handling Of Lab Chemicals
  19. SOP for Emergency Plant Shutdown
  20. SOP for Unloading Of Diesel / LDO From Tanker
  21. SOP for Asbestos Handling
  22. SOP for Spill Response Procedure
  23. SOP for Lockout / Tag out Procedure
  24. SOP for Thermic Fluid Heater
  25. SOP for Hot Air Generator
  26. SOP for Chilling Plant
  27. SOP for Water Softening plant
  28. SOP for Air Compressor
  29. SOP for Steam Boiler
  30. SOP for Diesel Generator Set
  31. SOP for Filtration
  32. SOP for Chemical reaction
  33. SOP for Blending
  34. SOP for General Handling Of Forklift
  35. SOP for Product Changeover (Cleaning And Washing)
  36. SOP for Pre-startup Safety Review

4. Blank sample formats for all the departments (55 sample formats)

It covers a sample copy of blank forms that are required to maintain records as well as establish control and create system in the organization. The samples given area guide for the user to follow. The organization is free to change the same to suit their own requirements. It can be used as templates. A total of 55blank formats are provided as per the list given below
List of blank formats
  1. Master List & Distribution List of Documents
  2. Master List of Records
  3. ISO 45001:2018OH&S Clause wise Audit Review Report
  4. List of License / certificates / Compliance obligates
  5. Housekeeping checking Report
  6. Corrective Action Report
  7. OHSMP Progress Monitoring Report
  8. Safety Inspection Check List
  9. Communication, Consultation and Communication Register
  10. Work Permit Report
  11. Ambulance Checklist
  12. PPE’s stock inspection report
  13. Training Calendar
  14. Job Description & Specification
  15. Purchase Order
  16. External Provider Registration Form
  17. Breakdown History Card
  18. Performance Appraisal Records–Functional Heads
  19. Medical Check–Up Report
  20. Risk analysis sheet
  21. Change Note
  22. Audit Plan / Schedule
  23. Scrap yard monitoring
  24. Employee Wise Training & Competence Record Sheet
  25. Management review meeting
  26. Multi Skill Analysis
  27. Initial OHSMS Review Of Prioritization Of Significant OHS Hazards Its Risks Feasibility Analysis
  28. Investigation Report
  29. OHS Objectives And Target Review
  30. Training Report
  31. Fire-fighting checklist
  32. Pre-Startup Safety Review Form
  33. OHS Objectives Monitoring Sheet
  34. First Aid Medical Treatment Report
  35. Induction Training Report
  36. Approved external provider list & Annual purchase order
  37. Communication Report
  38. Indent And Incoming Inspection Record
  39. OHS Internal Audit Non–Conformity Report
  40. Interest party Complaint Report
  41. Process change form
  42. Wind shock inspection report
  43. Disposal of Non–Conforming of Product & service
  44. Evaluation Of OHS Risks
  45. First aid box check list
  46. SCBA set inspection report
  47. Preventive maintenance Schedule
  48. Emergency siren testing report
  49. Work Permit Report
  50. Legal requirements with respect to OHS
  51. Manpower Requirement form
  52. Performance Appraisal Records– Staff
  53. Un Safe Observation Report
  54. Preventive Maintenance Check point
  55. Calibration Status of Instrument / Equipment

5. Exhibits (05 Exhibits)

It covers Skill Requirements, Objective Plan, Operational Control Plan, and codification related documents

List of Exhibits

  1. Objectives and Targets – OHS Objective Plan
  2. OH&S Control Plan
  3. Skill Requirements
  4. Multi-skill requirements
  5. Exhibit for Document Identification and Codification System

6. OHS Plans and policies (02 plans & 07 policies)

It covers sample copy of OH&S management plans to link the organization OH&S objectives with the management plans for OH&S improvements. It helps any organization in preparation of
OHSMPs and Major Emergency Preparedness Plan based on few samples are provided for own organization.
List of OHS Plans and Policies
  1. Major Emergency Response Plan – At Site
  2. Major Emergency Response Plan – At Office
  1. Electrical work policy and standard
  2. Working at height policy and standard
  3. Safe driving policy and standard
  4. Work permit policy and standard
  5. Working in office policy and Office Safety standard
  6. Subcontractor selection and OHS Controls policy and standard
  7. Incident investigation and reporting policy and standard


There covers OHSMPs for ISO 45001:2018.
List of OHSMPs
  1. To prepare scrap yard for systematic storage of scrap having separate compartment for systematic storage of different kind of scrap, to remove risk of contamination and to prevent pollution.
  2. To provide guards on all moving parts to avoid risk of accidents during operation of such moving parts.
  3. To provide the entire safety equipment as per the requirements of major emergency preparedness plan.
  4. To prepare storage facility for the systematic storage of waste oil barrels, to remove risk of contamination and to prevent land pollution.
  5. To provide scrubber system at impregnator to reduce melamine formaldehyde and phenol formaldehyde fumes spreaded inside the working area.

8. Department-wise and ISO 45001:2018 requirement-wise audit questionnaire (of more than 500 questions).

This covers audit questions based on the ISO 45001:2018 requirements for each department as per the list of departments given below. It will be a very good tool for the auditors to make Audit Questionnaire for auditing. It will bring effectiveness in auditing. A total of more than 500 Questions are prepared on the basis of ISO 45001:2018. It can be logically used for auditing
during internal audit for ISO 45001:2018 to establish proper audit trail.

9. Sample filled Hazards and Risk

The ready-to-use Hazards and Risk filled form is given to prepare the Hazards and Risk document for the organization.
List of HIRA
  1. Risk and Hazard sheet for Electrical department
  2. Risk and Hazard sheet for Mechanical department
  3. Risk and Hazard sheet for OHC department
  4. Risk and Hazard sheet for Packing department
  5. Risk and Hazard sheet for Quality control department
  6. Risk and Hazard sheet for Stores area

10. Filled formats for all the departments (19 sample formats)

It covers a sample copy of filled forms required to maintain records as well as establish control and create system in the organization. The samples given are a guide to follow and the organization is free to modify the same to suit their own requirements. It can be used as templates. A total of 19 formats are provided as per the list given below
List of filled formats
  1. Master List & Distribution List of Documents
  2. OH&S Objectives Monitoring Sheet
  3. Communication Report
  4. Training Report
  5. External Provider Registration Form
  6. Performance Appraisal Records–Functional Heads
  7. Preventive Maintenance Check point
  8. Breakdown History Card
  9. Indent And Incoming Inspection Record
  10. Change Note
  11. Induction Training Report
  12. Audit Plan / Schedule
  13. Master List of Records
  14. Approved external provider list & Annual purchase order
  15. Job Description & Specification
  16. Disposal of Non–Conforming of Product & Service
  17. Internal Audit Non– Conformity Report
  18. Process change form

11. Sample MRM

It covers sample copy management review meeting, agenda of management review meeting and objective review.

12. Sample risk assessment sheet

The ready-to-use risk template in editable form is given to prepare the risk document for the organization. It is given in an excel format and can be used as a template.

13. ISO45001:2018 compliance matrix

The ISO45001:2018requirement-wise list of documented information reference of this kit is given in the compliance matrix for easy reference of user to understand how this system is made.

How useful?

  • The user can very easily modify the templates and create the documents for their organization within 3 days.
  • Ready-to-use ISO 45001 Document kit helps the organization to ensure that the micro-level system is well established as per the latest requirements.
  • A complete demo of total documents, with quick buy option, helps the user to understand the list of all documents that we provide.
  • Work instructions, iso 45001 manual and SOPs can help a user in fine-tuning the processes and establish a good health & safety management system that gives a better control.
  • Our iso 45001 2018 document products are highly sold across the globe. Many multinational companies use our products. These companies have provided total customer satisfaction as well as experienced value for money.


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