You can buy Documentation Kit for your certification based on QHSE Standard.

  • A Manual
  • Required Procedures
  • Formats
  • Sample Filled Forms

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No Matter you are planning to get certified based on international standards e.g. ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, HACCP, etc. or you are asked documentation for compliance e.g. pre-
qualifying, legal compliance, tendering, etc. Our Documentation kit will facilitate you with less time and cheapest price.

Our Documentation Kit is written in plain English to make easily customized by you without expertise in standards. We developed a documentation kit while making it user-friendly, easy to
learn and time-saving.

Content of QHSE ISO 9001:2015- ISO 45001:2015- ISO 14001:2015- Complete Documentation Kit

A set of procedures, as following, which helps you to manage your operations and address requirements of QHSE management system through the implementation of procedures.
Context of Organization
Objectives and Targets
Monitoring and Measurement
Management Review
Internal Audit
Training, Awareness, and Competence
Control of Document and Record
Corrective Action and continual Improvement
Control of Monitoring and Measuring Equipment
Sub-contracting and Purchasing
Change Management
Risk Assessment (HIRAC)
Environmental Aspect identification and Impact Analysis Procedure
Legal Compliance

A set of SOPS, as the following, which provides additional information on tasks being performed in your organization.

Marketing and Sales
Operational Control Plan
Research and Development
Occupational Health & Safety Control
Occupational Health & Safety Plan-Incoming Inspection and Testing
Material Specifications
Product Codification System
Receiving Material and Stores
Emergency Plant Shutdown
Product Dispatch
Control of Non-Conforming Products
Product Recall

A set of Formats, as the following, which is actually used to implement the system and keep records to provide evidence of the fulfillment of standard requirements.

Packing Report/Slip
Drum/Bag/Carton Inspection Report
Screen Checking Report
Breakdown History Card
Preventive Maintenance Schedule
Preventive Maintenance Check Points
Order Form/ Order Confirmation
Customer Complaint Report
Customer Feed Back Form
Production Plan
Disposal of Non-Conforming Products
Purchase Order
Indent and Incoming Inspection Record
Approved Vendor
Purchase Order
Supplier Registration Form
Supplier Evaluation Registration Form
Sample Test Request Slip for in-process/ Finish product
Research and Development Checklist
Research and Development Request Report
Research and Development Plan
Design Verification Report
Design Review Minutes of Meeting
Daily Stock Statement
Gate Pass
Master List of Documents
Change Note
Calibration Status of Instrument/ Equipment Master List of Records
QHSE Objectives and Target
Internal Audit Calendar
Internal Audit Plan
Internal Audit Checklist
Corrective Action Report
Facility Monitoring Report
Training Calendar
Training Need analysis
Training Attendance Sheet
Induction Training Report
Job Description
Skill matrix
Skill Gap Analysis
Management Review Meeting Agenda
Management Review Meeting Minutes
Risk Register
Environmental Aspect & Impact Analysis sheet
Incident Accident Report
Near Miss Report


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