API SPEC Q2 documents contain more than 105 editable MS-Word document files. These editable documents are prepared as per API Specification Q2 and address all the requirements for quick certification.

  • A Manual
  • Required Procedures
  • Formats
  • Sample Filled Forms

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All ISO documents are designed under the guidance of experienced ISO consultants.

Content of API Q2 Documentation Kit with Manual, Procedures, Templates, Audit Checklist

The API Q2 Documentation kit contains a set of a total of 105 editable document files, which are based on the requirements of API specification Q2 standard for Quality Management System Requirements for Supply Organizations for the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry. It includes the following readymade templates that can be used as ready reference API spec Q2 documents and templates to accelerate the implementation process for API Q2 certification.

  1. API Manual – API manual for specification Q2 that defines clause-wise details of how API system is implemented in organization for API Q2 certification.
  2. Procedures – Total 21 mandatory procedures in editable files that define and cover all the details like purpose, scope, responsibility, and more.
  3. Process Approach – It covers 9 process approaches with guidelines for processes, flow chart, and process model useful for process mapping.
  4. Standard Operating Procedures – It covers 03 Standard operating procedures for API Q2, which takes care of all issues and is used as a training guide as well as to establish control and make a system in the organization.
  5. Exhibits – A total of 7 editable exhibits in word files are given.
  6. Blank Formats – Total 51 blank forms and templates to maintain records as well as establish control to make an effective system.
  7. API Q2 Audit Checklist – More than 800 audit questions to help internal auditors in auditing to ensure API SPEC Q2 requirements are fulfilled.
  8. Sample Risk Assessment Sheet – editable sample risk template is given to prepare the risk document for the organization.
  9. API Q2 Document Matrix – This compliance matrix contains an API specification Q2 requirement-wise list of documented information for easy reference of users and to understand how this system is made.

Download API Q2 Documents – free Demo of this documentation kit to get the full idea of our ready-to-use documentation package.

API issued the 2nd edition of API Specification (Spec) Q2, Quality Management for Service Supply Organizations for the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry to help ensure that safety, environmental protection, and sustainability requirements are met across the natural gas and oil exploration and production activities. Spec Q2 began in early 2010 to reduce risk and improve service quality by identifying and standardizing the expectations for the execution of upstream services like good construction, intervention, production, and abandonment. It helps the organization to demonstrate its ability to consistently provide reliable products and supply-related processes that meet customer and legal requirements.

1. API Manual:


Section – 1

  1. Company Profile
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Control and Distribution

Section – 2

4. Quality Management System Requirements

  • General
  • Management Responsibility
  • Organization Capability
  • Document Requirements
  • Control of Records

5. Realization of Service and Service-related Product

  • Contract Review
  • Planning
  • Risk Assessment and Management
  • Design and Development of Service
  • Contingency planning
  • Purchasing
  • Execution of Service
  • Control of Testing, Measuring, Monitoring and Detection Equipment(TMMDE)
  • Service Performance Validation
  • Control of Nonconformities
  • Management of Change (MOC)

6. Quality Management System Monitoring, Measurement, Analysis, and Improvement

  • General
  • Monitoring, Measuring and Improving
  • Analysis of Data
  • Improvement
  • Management Review

2. Procedures (21 procedures):

Sample copies of mandatory procedures as per API specification Q2 are provided, which cover all the details like purpose, scope, responsibility, how procedure is followed as well as the list of exhibits, reference documents and formats. The list of sample procedures provided in the kit is given below:

List of Procedures

  1. Procedure for Management review
  2. Procedure for Document and data control
  3. Procedure for Control of records
  4. Procedure for Internal audit
  5. Procedure for Training
  6. Procedure for Corrective action
  7. Procedure for Control of monitoring and measuring equipment
  8. Procedure for Risk management
  9. Procedure for Analysis of data
  10. Procedure for customer satisfaction survey
  11. Procedure for Purchasing
  12. Procedure for Control of Non-Conforming services/ service related products
  13. Procedure for Identification of Service related Products
  14. Procedure for Traceability
  15. Procedure for Contingency Planning
  16. Procedure for Preservation
  17. Procedure for Maintenance
  18. Procedure for Communication
  19. Procedure for Control on Customer Supplied Products
  20. Procedure for Management of Change
  21. Procedure for Contract Review


3. Process approach (09 process approaches)

Sample copies of process approaches as per API specification Q2 are provided. The list of sample process approach provided in the kit is given below. List of process approaches;

  1. Process approach of Customer Service
  2. Process approach of Dispatch
  3. Process approach of Engineering
  4. Process approach of Marketing
  5. Process approach of Purchase
  6. Process approach of Quality Control
  7. Process approach of Stores
  8. Process approach of Risk & Opportunity
  9. Process approach of Training Activity


4. Standard operating procedures (03 SOPs)

It covers sample copy of standard operating procedure as per API specification Q2. It takes care of all such issues and used as a training guide as well as to establish control and make system in the organization. The samples given are as a guide and not compulsory to follow and organization is free to change the same to suit own requirements.

List of Standard operating procedures

  1. SOP for Incoming Inspection and Testing
  2. SOP for In-Process Inspection and Testing
  3. SOP for Final Inspection and Testing


5. Exhibits (07 exhibits)

It covers sample copy of exhibits as per API specification Q2.

List of Exhibits

  1. Exhibit for Skill Requirements
  2. Exhibit for Multi-Skill Requirements
  3. Exhibit for Disposal of Nonconforming Products
  4. Exhibit for Service Quality Plan – Incoming Inspection and Testing
  5. Exhibit for Material Specifications
  6. Exhibit for Document Identification and Codification System
  7. Exhibit for Department wise risk analysis sheet


6. Blank sample formats for all the departments (51 sample formats)

This directory includes sample copy of blank forms that are required to maintain records as well as establish control and create system in the organization. The samples are given for the users as a guide to follow. The organization is free to change the same to suit their own requirements. The blank formats can be used as templates. A total of 51 blank formats are provided as per the list given below:

List of blank formats

  1. Master List & Distribution List of Documents
  2. Change Note
  3. Corrective Action Report
  4. Master List of Records
  5. Quality Objectives Monitoring Sheet
  6. Audit Plan / Schedule
  7. QMS Internal Quality Audit Non-Conformity Report
  8. API Q2 QMS Clause wise Audit Review Report
  9. Quality Objective Plan
  10. Calibration Status of Instrument / Equipment
  11. List of License / certificates
  12. Communication Report
  13. Management review meeting
  14. Risk analysis Sheet
  15. MOC Format
  16. Training Calendar
  17. Employee-Wise Training & Competence Record Sheet
  18. Induction Training Report
  19. Job Description & Specification
  20. Training Report
  21. Multi-Skill Analysis
  22. Purchase Order
  23. Indent And Incoming Inspection Record
  24. Approved Vendor list & Annual purchase order
  25. Supplier Registration Form
  26. Annual Purchase Order
  27. Preventive Maintenance Schedule
  28. Vendor / Sub-Contractor Evaluation Form
  29. Purchase Request Slip
  30. Supplier assessment Report
  31. Contractor evaluation sheet
  32. Order Form / Order Confirmation
  33. Customer Complaint Report
  34. Customer Feedback Form
  35. Customer Contract Review checklist
  36. Customer Property Monitoring Register
  37. Sample Test Request Slip For Incoming materials
  38. Disposal of Nonconforming of Products & services
  39. Job card
  40. Final Inspection Report for Product
  41. Traceability sheet
  42. Breakdown History Card
  43. Service Execution Plan
  44. Goods Receipt note
  45. Preservation Assessment Report
  46. Material Issue Slip
  47. Gate Pass
  48. Drum / Bag / Carton Inspection Report
  49. Packing Slip
  50. Request for Breakdown Maintenance /Preventive Maintenance / Modification of Machine / Test Equipment
  51. Preventive Maintenance Check point

7. API Q2 Audit Checklists (More than 800 Questions)

This covers audit questions based on the API specification Q2 requirements. It will be a very good tool for the auditors to make audit questionnaire for auditing. It will bring effectiveness in auditing. A total of more than 800 questions are prepared on the basis of API specification Q2.

8. Sample Risk assessment sheet

The ready to use risk template in filled form is given to prepare the risk document for the organization. It gives complete risk methodology and sample filled risk details for quick reference to users to understand how risk to be identified.

9. API Q2 compliance matrix

This compliance matrix contains API specification Q2 requirement wise list of documented information for easy reference of users and to understand how this system is made.

How useful?

  • The users can easily modify the templates and create the documents for their organization within a few days.
  • Ready-to-use API Q2 Documents help the organizations to ensure that the micro-level system is established as per the latest requirements.
  • A complete Demo of total API Q2 documents, with a quick buy option given that helps the user to understand the list of all documents covered in this kit before purchase.
  • The Document Matrix to review clause-wise requirements against given documents is provided that help users prepare documentation with accurate information.
  • The kit takes care of all the sections and sub-sections of API SPEC Q2 standard and gives better confidence as well as improves the system.
  • By using these documents, you can save a lot of your precious time while preparing the API specification Q2 documents.
  • The kit takes care of all the sections and sub-sections of API specification Q2 standards and helps you to establish a better system.


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