The ISO 29001:2020 Documentation and Training Kit contains more than 90 editable MS-Word files and training presentation ppts. As well as These editable documents and training ppt address all the elements to implement the sector specific quality management system.

  • A Manual
  • Required Procedures
  • Formats
  • Sample Filled Forms

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All ISO documents are designed under the guidance of experienced ISO consultants.

Content of ISO 29001:2020 Documentation and Training Kit

ISO 29001:2020 Documentation and Training Kit for sector-specific quality management systems contains a set of more than 90 editable files, which are based on sector-specific quality management systems – Requirements for product and service supply organizations.


To accelerate the documentation process for ISO 29001:2020 Certification, The Documentation includes the following readymade templates that can be used as a ready reference tool.

  1. ISO 29001 Manual – Here is the facility of editable Quality Manual with 10 chapters, covering clause-wise details as per ISO 29001:2020 for implementation.
  2. Procedures – There are 12 mandatory procedures as per ISO 29001:2020 in word format for various requirements.
  3. Exhibits – sample copy of 05 exhibits serves as reference documents as per ISO 29001:2020 standard.
  4. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) – There are total 28 SOPs in MS-word Files.
  5. Readymade Blank Formats/ Templates – 61 blank editable sample forms to maintain records as well as establish control and create a system in the organization.
  6. ISO 29001:2020 Audit checklist – More than 150 audit questions based on all the ISO 29001:2020 requirements.
  7. ISO 29001:2020 Compliance Matrix – 01 Excel has given to understand how the system is made.


It includes the following ISO 29001 training ppt presentation slides as bellow:

  1. Overview & Steps of certification for ISO 29001:2020 – 23 ppt slides
  2. ISO 29001:2020 principles – 11 ppt slides
  3. ISO 29001:2020 requirements – 100 ppt slides
  4. Step for ISO 29001:2020 Documentation – 16 ppt slides


A literature to understand ISO 29001:2020 subject well in 04 chapters, 02 workshops and 01 case study. (Total 51 pages in Ms. Word)

For ISO 29001:2020 certification as per Petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries – sector-specific quality management system requirements, this ISO 29001 documents and training kit to guide Product and Service supply organizations. The ISO 29001:2020 standard is required a specific set of documents for its effective implementation and certification. This readymade ISO 29001:2020 documentation with a training kit is designed to minimize the time and the cost involved in quick ISO 29001:2020 certification as well as better control over the implemented sector-specific quality management system.
ISO 29001:2020 Awareness training kit

Part – 2: Training: ISO 29001:2020 awareness training

A. PPT Presentation
  1. Overview and steps for certification of ISO 29001:2020     23 slides
  2. ISO 29001:2020 principles                                                  11 slides
  3. ISO 29001:2020 requirements                                           100 slides
  4. ISO 29001:2020 documentation                                          16 slides
B. Literature
A literature to understand ISO 29001:2020 subject well in 04 chapters,02 workshops and 01 case study (Approx. 51 pages in MS word)
C. Work shops (20 questions to solve)
D. Case study (Case study with 5 questions)

Part-1: Documented information package:

Our documentation kit contains sample documents required for ISO 29001:2020 certification as listed below. All documents are in MS-Word/Excel files and you can edit them. You can make changes as per your organization’s need and within few days your entire documents with all necessary controls will be ready. In the ISO 29001:2020, documented information are required a few places only. But for making the system better, we have provided many editable templates from which a user can select templates as per their own requirement and make some minor
changes in them to make own system. Two types of documented information are provided in this kit, as listed below:
  1. Maintain documented information (Scope, Manual, Procedures and other tiers of documents etc.)
  2. Retain documented information (Forms / Templates)

Under the main directories, further files are provided in MS Word document as per the details given below.

1. Quality Manual (1 File):

It is a sample copy of Quality Manual having clause-wise details of how ISO 29001:2020 system is implemented. The Quality Manual is tier-1 of ISO 29001:2020 documents and covers list of procedures as well as overview of organization. This manual has total 10 chapters covering company profile, amendment sheet, index, clause-wise details as per ISO 29001:2020 for implementation, sample policy and organization chart.
(A) Table of Contents
1.0 General information
1.1 Authorization
1.2 Amendment record
1.3 Distribution list
1.4 Glossary of terms
1.5 Table of contents
2.0 Scope of certification
3.0 Control and distribution
4.0 Context of the organization
4.1 Understanding the organization and its context
4.2 Understanding the needs and expectations of interested parties
4.3 Determining the scope of the quality management system
4.4 Quality management system and its processes
5.0 Leadership
5.1 Leadership and commitment
5.2 Policy
5.3 Organizational roles, responsibilities and authorities
6.0 Planning
6.1 Actions to address risks and opportunities
6.2 Quality objectives and planning to achieve them
6.3 Planning of changes
7.0 Support
7.1 Resources
7.2 Competence
7.3 Awareness
7.4 Communication
7.5 Documented information
8.0 Operation
8.1 Operational planning and control
8.2 Requirements for products and services
8.3 Design and development of products and services
8.4 Control of externally provided processes, products and services
8.5 Production and service provision
8.6 Release of products and services
8.7 Control of nonconforming outputs
9.0 Performance evaluation
9.1 Monitoring, measurement, analysis and evaluation
9.2 Internal audit
9.3 Management review
10.0 Improvement
10.1 General
10.2 Nonconformity and corrective action
10.3 Continual improvement
Annexure–1 List of documents

2. Procedures (12 procedures):

Sample copies of mandatory procedures as per ISO 29001:2020 are provided, which cover all the details like purpose, scope, responsibility, how procedure is followed as well as the list
of exhibits, reference documents and formats. The list of sample procedures provided in the kit is given on next page.
List of Procedures
  1. Procedure for risk assessment
  2. Procedure for maintaining competence and training
  3. Procedure for document and data control
  4. Procedure for contract review and handling, analyzing and resolving the complaints
  5. Procedure for design and development
  6. Procedure for purchasing of products and services
  7. Procedure for evaluating, selecting, approving the external providers
  8. Procedure for identification, documentation, evaluation, segregation and disposition of nonconforming output
  9. Procedure for feedback collection from customers, evaluation and improvements
  10. Procedure for internal audit
  11. Procedure for management review
  12. Procedure for corrective actions

3. Exhibits (05 exhibits)

Exhibits will serves as a reference documents as per ISO 29001:2020 standard.
List of Exhibits
  1. Document Codification System
  2. Calibration Periodicity
  3. Business Continuity Plan
  4. Competence Requirements
  5. Skill Requirements
  6. Finished products specifications
  7. Raw material specifications
  8. Quality Plan

4. Standard Operating Procedure (28 SOPs)

  1. SOP for Production
  2. SOP for Manufacturing of Bitumen emulsion
  3. SOP for Manufacturing of Blown bitumen
  4. SOP for Manufacturing of Fuel
  5. SOP for Refining of waste oil
  6. SOP for Solid waste handling, storage and disposal
  7. SOP for Centrifuge operation
  8. SOP for Tanker loading and unloading
  9. SOP for Diesel generating set
  10. SOP for Air compressor
  11. SOP for Thermic fluid heater
  12. SOP for Sample receipt
  13. SOP for Testing of purity of Hydrochloric Acid
  14. SOP for Testing of evaporation
  15. SOP for Cone penetration meter operation
  16. SOP for Ring and ball apparatus operation
  17. SOP for Ductility Apparatus operation
  18. SOP for Viscosity Bath operation
  19. SOP for Flash Point operation
  20. SOP for Oven / Muffle Furnace operation
  21. SOP for Weighing Balance operation
  22. SOP for testing of residue by sieving through 600 micron sieve
  23. SOP for determination of emulsion at low temperature
  24. SOP for determination of storage stability
  25. SOP for testing of Coating ability and water resistance
  26. SOP for testing of Stability to mixing with cement
  27. SOP for Determination of particle charge
  28. SOP for testing of Viscosity

5. Process approach as documented information (06 Nos.)

This directory includes samples processes to be followed as listed below:
  1. Process approach for Dispatch
  2. Process approach for Engineering
  3. Process approach for Production
  4. Process approach for Quality Control
  5. Process approach for Stores
  6. Process approach for QMS

6. Blank sample formats for all the departments (61 sample formats)

This directory includes sample copy of blank forms that are required to maintain records as well as establish control and create system in the organization. The samples are given for
the users as a guide to follow. The organization is free to change the same to suit their own requirements. The blank formats can be used as templates. A total of 41 blank formats are
provided as per the list given below.

List of blank formats

  1. Offer for products – quotation
  2. Order form and order confirmation
  3. Customer Feedback Form
  4. Complaint Report
  5. Design and development plan
  6. Design review report
  7. Design verification report
  8. Design validation report
  9. Design change note
  10. Production plan
  11. Daily production report
  12. Product Log sheet
  13. Blending report
  14. Management of change
  15. Non–conforming output and action report
  16. Log sheet – Bitumen emulsion
  17. Log Sheet – Furnace oil (Recycled / Fresh)
  18. Log Sheet – Blown Bitumen
  19. Log Sheet – Pyrolysis Process from Waste Plastic
  20. Equipment History Card
  21. Preventive Maintenance Schedule
  22. Equipment Wise Preventive Maintenance Checkpoints
  23. List of critical spares
  24. Log sheet – DG Set
  25. Log sheet – Thermic Fluid Heater
  26. Purchase order
  27. Indent (Purchase requisition)
  28. Approved External Provider List
  29. External provider evaluation and registration report
  30. External provider re–evaluation report
  31. Finished Product delivery challan
  32. Master list and distribution list of document
  33. Document change request note
  34. Incoming inspection report
  35. Final inspection report / Certificate of Analysis
  36. Periodic document review report
  37. Master list of records
  38. In-process inspection report
  39. Quality Objectives monitoring report
  40. Audit plan / schedule
  41. Internal audit non–conformity report
  42. Clausewise Documentwise audit review report
  43. Circular (MRM Agenda)
  44. Training calendar
  45. Minutes of meeting
  46. Corrective action report
  47. Risk assessment and opportunity sheet
  48. Calibration status of equipment
  49. Training report
  50. Induction training report
  51. Job description
  52. Skill matrix
  53. Employee competence report
  54. Material issue slip
  55. Interview report
  56. Goods receipt note
  57. Preservation assessment report
  58. Stock register
  59. Inspection report
  60. Sales Invoice
  61. Gate Pass (Delivery challan / memo for sending material outside the factory)

7. ISO 29001:2020 FMS Audit checklist (more than 150 questions)

This covers audit questions based on the ISO 29001:2020 Quality management system requirements. It will be a very good tool for the auditors to make audit questionnaire for
auditing. It will bring effectiveness in auditing. A total of more than 150 questions are prepared on the basis of ISO 29001:2020.

8. ISO 29001:2020 Compliance Matrix

This compliance matrix contains ISO 29001:2020 requirement wise list of documented information for easy reference of users and to understand how this system is made.

8. Job descriptions (6 job descriptions)

There is ready to use job descriptions with authority and responsibility defined for various categories of persons

How useful?

  • Complete set of manuals, procedures, templates, etc., takes care of all the sections and sub-sections to get better confidence as well as improve the sector specific quality management system.
  • The user/ISO consultants can modify readymade templates as per their working system and they can create their own documents for quick ISO 29001:2020 certification.
  • Procedures and formats are provided in the document kit can help in fine-tuning the processes and complies with the ISO 29001:2020 requirements of system standards.
  • This ISO 29001:2020 Documentation kit saves much time and costs in document preparation.
  • It gives value for money to customers and payback is very low.
  • Ready to use templates in .doc format will give accuracy in the ISO 29001:2020 documentation process.


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