ISO 20121 Documentation and Training Kit for Event Sustainability Management system contains more than 120 editable MS-Word files and training presentation ppts. The ISO 20121 documents contains ESMS manual, procedures, SOP, policies, sample templates, audit checklists and more as per ISO 20121:2012 requirements. Buy Documentation Kit for your certification based on ISO 20121 Standard.

  • A Manual
  • Required Procedures
  • Formats
  • Sample Filled Forms

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Our documentation kit is written in simple language to make easily customized without having any expertise. it is user friendly, easy to learn and time saving.

Considering the need of ISO 20121 documentation kit, and how fake consultants make huge money by selling the papers to organizations just changing the names in those
instead of real services as expected from consultants, ISOFOLDER Is a place where we are trying to make the system effective for documentation for any certification or con
by providing pre-written documentation kit.


Content of ISO 20121 Documentation and Awareness Kit


Iso gorilla introduces ISO 20121 Documentation and Training kit for Event Sustainability Management system, which contains a set of a total of more than 120 editable files, that is designed as per ISO 20121:2012 standard requirements.



It includes the editable documents templates in directories described below. It will help users to accelerate the documentation process for ISO 20121 certification.

  1. ISO 20121 Manual – Here is a facility of Editable ESMS manual in 14 editable Word files to define implemented ISO 20121 systems.
  2. ISO 20121 Procedures – The total of 18 mandatory procedures covering all the requirements like purpose, scope, responsibility.
  3. Standard Operating Procedures – Total 25 ISO 20121 SOPs are provided as per event sustainability management system.
  4. Exhibits – There are 06 exhibits documents covered in this kit.
  5. Blank Formats /Templates – 51 blank editable sample forms to maintain records as well as establish control and create a system in the organization.
  6. ISO 20121 Audit checklist – More than 150 audit questions based on the ISO 20121 requirements for each department.
  7. Major Emergency Plans – 01 emergency preparedness plan and 01 operational monitoring plan are given in these documents.
  8. Job Description – 01 file contains 06 types of job description is given that required for documented while ISO 20121 certification.
  9. Risk Analysis – 01 ready to use risk analysis report for the sample identified risks to the organization.
  10. ISO 20121 document compliance matrix – 01 Excel has given to understand how the ESMS system is made.


It includes following 03 ppt presentation details given bellow:

  1. Overview of ISO 20121 – 26 ppt slides
  2. ISO 20121 requirements – 75 slides
  3. ISO 20121 event management documentation – 14 slides


A literature includes handouts for reference on three modules mentioned above as well as 02 workshop and 01 case study to understand ISO 20121 requirements.

Documented information package:

Our documentation kit contains sample documents required for ISO 20121:2012 certification as listed below. All documents are in MS-Word/Excel files and you can edit them. You can make changes as per your organization’s need and within few days your entire documents with all necessary controls will be ready. In the ISO 20121:2012, documented information (procedures, etc.) are required a few places only. But for making the system better, we have provided many editable templates from which a user can select templates as per their own requirement and make some minor changes in them to make own system. Two types of documented information are provided in this kit, as listed below:

  1. Maintain documented information (Scope, Manual, etc.)
  2. Retain documented information (Forms / Templates)

Under the main directories, further files are provided in MS Word document as per the details given on the next pages.

1. ESMS Manual (10 Chapters and 4 Annexure):

It is a sample copy of ESMS Manual having clause-wise details of how ISO 20121:2012 system is implemented. The ESMS Manual is tier-1 of ISO 20121:2012 documents and covers list of procedures as well as overview of organization. This manual has total 10 chapters covering company profile, amendment sheet, index, clause-wise details as per ISO 20121:2012 for implementation, sample policy and organization chart.
(A) Table of Contents
Section – 1
1. Company profile
2. Table of contents
3. Control and distribution
Section – 2
4. Context of the Organization
5. Leadership
6. Planning
7. Support
8. Operation
9. Performance evaluation
10. Improvement
ANX–I List of Documented information
ANX–II Glossary of terms
ANX–III Company activity process flow chart
ANX–IV Organization structure

2. Procedures (18 procedures):

Sample copies of mandatory procedures as per ISO 20121:2012 are provided, which cover all the details like purpose, scope, responsibility, how procedure is followed as well as the list of exhibits, reference documents and formats. The list of sample procedures provided in the kit is given below.

List of Procedures

  1. Procedure for Risk Management
  2. Procedure for Identifying legal and other requirements
  3. Procedure for Competence, Awareness, And Training
  4. Procedure for External Communication with suppliers and other interested parties
  5. Procedure for Document and data control
  6. Procedure for Control Of Records
  7. Procedure for Operational Planning and Control
  8. Procedure for Monitoring And Measurement
  9. Procedure for identification of and engagement with interested parties on the identified and emerging sustainable development issues relating to its role in the value chain of events not prepared.
  10. Procedure to identify its sustainable development issues and to evaluate their significance associated with its event-related activities, products and services within the defined scope of the management system not prepared.
  11. Procedure for Event Management System Internal Audit
  12. Procedure for Management Review
  13. Procedure for Non–conformity, Corrective And Preventive Action
  14. Procedure for Context of organization
  15. Procedure for Objectives and targets
  16. Procedure for Control of monitoring and measuring equipment
  17. Procedure for Purchasing and subcontracting
  18. Procedure for Emergency preparedness and response

3. Standard Operating Procedures (25 SOPs):

Sample copies of SOPs as per ISO 20121:2012 are provided, which cover the actual operating guidelines for each activities involved in the event organization with the reference of formats to be used. The list of SOPs provided in the kit is given below.

List of SOPs

  1. Standard Operating Procedure for Health and safety inspection
  2. Standard Operating Procedure for ESMS general requirements
  3. Standard Operating Procedure for Incident Prevention
  4. Standard Operating Procedure for Incident Reporting
  5. Standard Operating Procedure for Management of change
  6. Standard Operating Procedure for Hazard risk assessment
  7. Standard Operating Procedure for ESMS disciplinary action
  8. Standard Operating Procedure for ESMS award and incentive scheme
  9. Standard Operating Procedure for Health and Safety committee
  10. Standard Operating Procedure for Visitor Event Safety Rules
  11. Standard Operating Procedure for Disposal of High Risk Materials
  12. Standard Operating Procedure for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipments
  13. Standard Operating Procedure for personnel security
  14. Standard Operating Procedure for Office Facilities
  15. Standard Operating Procedure for Electrical equipments and its grounding
  16. Standard Operating Procedure for General environmental management procedure
  17. Standard Operating Procedure for Waste Management and Recycling
  18. Standard Operating Procedure for Identification of environmental aspects and its impact evaluation
  19. Standard Operating Procedure for Environmental Information for Retailers
  20. Standard Operating Procedure for Environmental committee
  21. Standard Operating Procedure for Recycling, refuse and waste separation
  22. Standard Operating Procedure for Refuse Store Areas and Waste Recycling Points
  23. Standard Operating Procedure for Excessive Refuse and Waste
  24. Standard Operating Procedure for event organization
  25. Standard Operating Procedure for scrap management


4. Exhibits (06 exhibits)

Exhibits cover Skill Requirements, Multi Skill Requirements, Interested Parties Needs & Expectations, Communication Matrix, Organizational Knowledge, Disposable of Non-Conforming Service, Codification System etc. as per ISO 20121:2012 standard.

List of Exhibits

  1. Codification system
  2. Skill Requirements
  3. Multi Skill Requirements
  4. Disposal Of Non–Conforming Operation
  5. Interested Parties Needs & Expectations
  6. Communication Matrix


5. Blank sample formats for all the departments (51 sample formats)

This directory includes sample copy of blank forms that are required to maintain records as well as establish control and create system in the organization. The samples are given for the users as a guide to follow. The organization is free to change the same to suit their own requirements. The blank formats can be used as templates. A total of 51 blank formats are provided as per the list given below.

List of blank formats

  1. Risk and Opportunities Monitoring Sheet
  2. Master list and distribution list of documents
  3. Master list of Records
  4. Change Note
  5. Event Management Progress Monitoring Report
  6. Event loss and bad work practice observation report
  7. Event objectives and Targets
  8. Event Inspection check list
  9. Training Calendar
  10. Training need and record sheet
  11. Induction training report
  12. Job Description
  13. Competence report
  14. Communication Register
  15. Operational control plan
  16. Work permit report
  17. Event management system Audit Plan / Schedule
  18. Internal Audit Non–Conformity Report
  19. Clausewise document-wise audit checklist
  20. Circular
  21. Minutes of meeting
  22. Corrective action report
  23. Preventive action report
  24. First aid box checklist
  25. Fire Fightening checklist
  26. Continual Improvement Plan
  27. Supplier registration form
  28. Approved Vendor List Cum Open Purchase Order
  29. Customer complaint report
  30. Management of change plan
  31. Indent and Incoming Inspection Record
  32. Customer feedback report
  33. Preventive maintenance checkpoints
  34. Preventive maintenance schedule
  35. ESMS issues register
  36. Breakdown history cards / equipment history card
  37. Sustainable event plan
  38. Purchase Order
  39. Open Purchase Order
  40. Vendor Rating (Supplier re–evaluation report)
  41. Housekeeping checklist
  42. Waste storage area checklist
  43. Cleaning and sanitation report
  44. Location list of fire extinguishers
  45. Agreement for event
  46. Incident investigation
  47. Event Management System Non–Conforming Work Register
  48. Masterlist of equipment
  49. List of license
  50. External and internal parties

6. ISO 20121:2012 ESMS Audit checklist (more than 150 questions)

This covers audit questions based on the ISO 20121:2012 Event sustainability management systems requirements. It will be a very good tool for the auditors to make audit questionnaire for auditing. It will bring effectiveness in auditing. A total of more than 150 questions are prepared on the basis of ISO 20121:2012.

7. Job descriptions (6 job descriptions)

There is ready to use job descriptions with authority and responsibility defined for various categories of persons.

8. Major emergency preparedness plan

There is ready to use Major emergency preparedness plan to respond to the emergency situation.

9. Operational control plan

There is ready to use Operational control plan to control and monitor the parameters.

10. Risk analysis

There is ready to use risk analysis for the sample identified risks to the organization.

11. ISO 20121:2012 Compliance Matrix

This compliance matrix contains ISO 20121:2012 requirement wise list of documented information for easy reference of users and to understand how this system is made.

Part-2: Training: ISO 20121:2012 awareness training:

A. Presentation: –

Under this directory further files are made in power point presentation as per the chapter listed below.
Topic wise power point presentation in 3 modules as listed below.

1. Overview of ISO 20121:2012

It covers Overview of event management system, benefits and summary of overall system and process for ISO 20121:2012 and process for certification.

2. ISO 20121:2012 event management requirements

It covers ESMS ISO 20121:2012 systems, Requirements, to establish the event management system, It gives explanation for many concepts and given in plain English.

3. ISO 20121:2012 event management documentation

It covers event management system documented information details and list of areas where standard demands for documented information. Such documented information with list against the requirements is given.

B. The literature to understand ISO 20121:2012 subject well:-

This topic covers write up for the ready reference to the participant for understanding and reading the subject to get in depth knowledge on the subject. It is given in word. You may also use it for further reading and circulations within audience.

  1. Overview of ISO 20121:2012 event management system
  2. ISO 20121:2012 requirements
  3. ISO 20121:2012 documentation

C. Total 2 workshops to understand ISO 20121:2012 requirements:-

This topic covers 2 workshops and total 20 questions with details to find out the ISO 20121 applicable clause number to check effectiveness of training gained by students.

D. There is 1 case study to understand ISO 20121:2012 requirements:-

This topic covers 1 case study with audit questions with details to find out the ISO 20121 applicable clause requirement to check effectiveness of training gained by students.

How Useful?

  • Complete set of ESMS manual, procedures, templates, iso 20121 audit checklist etc., takes care of all the sections and sub-sections to get better confidence.
  • The user/ ISO 20121 consultants can modify readymade templates as per their working system and they can create their own documents effective system implementation and certification.
  • Procedures, SOPs and formats are provided in document kit can help in fine-tuning the processes and complies with the ISO 20121:2012 standard.
  • This Documentation kit saves much time and costs in document preparation.
  • It gives value for money to customers and payback is very low.
  • Ready to use templates in .docx format will give accuracy in the ISO 20121 Documentation process.


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