The ISO 20252:2019 Documentation & Training Kit contain total 100 editable MS-Word files. These editable documents address all the factors for quick process improvement market research management system in your organization.

  • A Manual
  • Required Procedures
  • Formats
  • Sample Filled Forms

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All ISO documents are designed under the guidance of experienced ISO consultants.

Content of ISO 20252:2019 Documentation and Training Kit

The Combined ISO 20252:2019 Documents with Training Kit are editable and many organizations and ISO 20252 consultants are using these documents. The contents of this documentation & training kit, which we offer, include more than 100 editable files as listed below. These are written in easy to understand language and available in editable format. Documentation: The following readymade document templates of ISO 20252:2019 that can be used as a ready reference tool to accelerate the documentation process for ISO 20252:2019 Certification.

  1. ISO 20252 Manual – this editable Research MS Manual contains 01 file which having clause-wise details of how ISO 20252:2019 system is implemented.
  2. Annexures to Research MS Manual – There are 13 files of research manual Annexures in word format.
  3. Procedures – There are 20 mandatory procedures as per ISO 20252:2019.
  4. Process Flow Charts – There are total 03 process flow chart are available.
  5. Exhibits – sample copy of 10 exhibits are provided as per ISO 20252:2019.
  6. Readymade Blank Formats/ Templates – There are 50 sample blank forms that are required to maintain records as well as establish control and create system in the organization.
  7. ISO 20252:2019 Audit checklist – ISO 20252:2019 audit checklists available with more than 200 audit questions based on the ISO 20252:2019 market research management system requirements.
  8. ISO 20252:2019 Compliance Matrix – It contains 01 files for ISO 20252:2019 requirement wise list of documented information.


It includes total 162 ISO 20252 ppt presentation slides on subjects listed bellow:

  1. Overview of ISO 20252:2019 – 2 ppt slides
  2. ISO 20252:2019 requirements and Annexures – 115 ppt slides
  3. ISO 20252:2019 documentation – 16 ppt slides
  4. Step for ISO 20252:2019 certification – 11 ppt slides


A literature to understand ISO 20252:2019 subject well in 04 chapters, 02 workshops in which 20 questions to solve and 01 case study. There are total 35 pages in Ms. Word.his ISO 20252:2019 Documentation and Training Kit is based on Market Research Management System for organizations. Our ISO 20252 Documents with Training Kit gives more than 100 MS Word files are editable and written in simple English. A globally reputed team of ISO certification consultants and trainers have involved in the preparation of this specific set of documents for its effective implementation and ISO 20252:2019 certification.

Part – 1:Documented information package:

Our documentation kit contains sample documents required for ISO 20252:2019 certification as listed below. All documents are in MS-Word/Excel files and you can edit them. You can make changes as per your organization’s need and within few days your entire documents with all necessary controls will be ready. In the ISO 20252:2019, documented information (procedures, etc.) are required a few places only. But for making the system better, we have provided many editable templates from which a user can select templates as per their own requirement and make some minor changes in them to make own system. Two types of documented information are provided in this kit, as listed below:

  1. Maintain documented information (Scope, Manual, etc.)
  2. Retain documented information (Forms / Templates)

Under the main directories, further files are provided in MS Word document as per the details given below.

1. Research Manual:

It is a sample copy of research manual having clause-wise details of how ISO 20252:2019 system is implemented. The research manual is tier-1 of ISO 20252:2019 documents and covers list of procedures as well as overview of organization. This manual has covering company profile, amendment sheet, index, clause-wise details as per ISO 20252:2019 for implementation, sample policy and organization chart.

(A) Table of Contents

1. General Information
2. Authorization Statement
3. Punyam Research Associates
4. Core Requirements for Market, Opinion and Social Research
4.1 Core Framework
4.1.1 Statement of Applicability
4.1.2 Confidentiality of Research
4.1.3 Documentation and Records Management
4.2 Personnel and infrastructure responsibilities
4.2.1 Personnel and Organizational Responsibilities
4.2.2 Personnel – Performance Management
4.3 Information Security
4.3.1 Information Security Risk Framework
4.3.2 Information Handling
4.3.3 Information Security Controls
4.3.4 Information Security Training and Awareness
4.4 Subcontracting Services
4.4.1 General
4.4.2 Subcontracted Project Work
4.5 Planning, Delivery and Reporting on Projects and Research Work
4.5.1 General
4.5.2 Client Relationship Management
4.5.3 Project, Work Requests or Other Responses to Offer Services
4.5.4 Providing Deliverables to the Client
4.6 Management review and improvement
4.6.1 Input
4.6.2 Output
4.7 Internal audits
4.8 Legal Requirements

2. Annexures to Research Manual (13 Annexures):

It is a sample copy of research manual Annexures. The list of Annexures provided in the kit is given below.

List of Annexures
Sr. No. Annexure                 No. Title of Annexure

  1. Annexure-A               Sampling including Access Panels
  2. Annexure-B               Fieldwork
  3. Annexure-C               Physical Observation
  4. Annexure-D               Digital Observation
  5. Annexure-E                Self Completion
  6. Annexure-F                Data Management and Processing
  7. Annexure-G               List of Documented Information
  8. Annexure-H               Glossary of Terms and Definitions
  9. Annexure-I                Activity Process Flow Chart
  10. Annexure-J              Consultancy Process Flow Chart
  11. Annexure-K             Research Privacy Policy
  12. Annexure-L             Organization Structure
  13. Annexure-M           Confidentiality Policy

3. Procedures (20 procedures):

Sample copies of mandatory procedures as per ISO 20252:2019 are provided, which cover all the details like purpose, scope, responsibility, how procedure is followed as well as the list of exhibits, reference documents and formats. The list of sample procedures provided in the kit is given below.

List of Procedures

Procedure for Document and data control(Handling & Storage of Project related Materials and Documents)

Procedure for control of records

Procedure for Internal Research Audit

  1. Procedure for Management Review Meetings
  2. Procedure for Research Process
  3. Procedure for Type of Research
  4. Procedure for Sampling
  5. Procedure for Type of Sample Designs
  6. Procedure for Data Collection
  7. Procedure for Sample Requirements
  8. Procedure for Identifying and removing fraudulent and inattentive participants
  9. Procedure for Corrective Action
  10. Guidelines for Incentives, Reimbursements and Compensation
  11. Procedure for Data back-up & Information Security Controls
  12. Procedure for Training
  13. Procedures for Recruiting prospective participants to panels, communities, or ongoing
  14. Procedure for Identification of compliance obligation
  15. Procedures for Complaints & Callbacks
  16. Procedures for Weighting
  17. Procedure for Estimating and imputation

4. Process Flow Chart (03 process flow chart):

Sample copies of process flow chart as per ISO 20252:2019 are provided. The list of sample process flow chart provided in the kit is given below.

List of Process flow chart

  1. Process Flow for Training Activity
  2. Process Flow for Subcontractor
  3. Process Flow For Research Data Process

5. Exhibits (10 exhibits)

Sample copies of exhibits as per ISO 20252:2019 are provided. The list of sample exhibits provided in the kit is given below.

List of Exhibits

  1. Document Identification and Codification System
  2. Research Process Flow
  3. Data Collection Process
  4. Interested Parties Need & Experctations
  5. Multi Skill Requirements-Director
  6. Multi Skill Requirements-Field Supervisor Team Leader / QC Executive
  7. Multi Skill Requirements-Field Worker-Data Collector
  8. Multi Skill Requirements-IT Executive
  9. Multi Skill Requirements-Research Manager
  10. Multi Skill Requirements-Telephonic Interviewers

6. Blank sample formats for all the departments (50 sample formats)

This directory includes sample copy of blank forms that are required to maintain records as well as establish control and create system in the organization. The samples are given for the users as a guide to follow. The organization is free to change the same to suit their own requirements. The blank formats can be used as templates. A total of 50 blank formats are provided as per the list given below.

List of blank formats

  1. Training Calendar
  2. Employees Competence Report
  3. Induction Training Report
  4. Job Description and Specification
  5. Skill Matrix
  6. Training Report
  7. Confidentiality Agreement
  8. Identity Card
  9. Performance Appraisal Report
  10. Market Research Proposal
  11. Contract Review Checklist
  12. Client Complaint Report
  13. Customer Service Feedback Form
  14. Incentive Form
  15. Outsourcing service Undertakings
  16. Subcontracting work monitoring register
  17. Briefing Note-Client
  18. Briefing Note-Qualitative Project
  19. Briefing Note-Quantative Project
  20. Back Check-Data
  21. Validation Report
  22. Data Collection Report
  23. Electronic Data delivery check list
  24. Marketing Research Proposal Checklist
  25. Quantitative Research Project Report
  26. Qualitative Research Project Report
  27. Observational Research Project Report
  28. Data Collection Management Staff
  29. Data Analysis Validation Check List
  30. Methods of Detecting and Preventing Internet Study Duplication and Fraud and Their Implications
  31. Master List Cum Distribution List of Documents
  32. Quality Check Of Project
  33. Quality Check plan
  34. Receiving Sample Checklist
  35. Project Summary Report
  36. Project Status Sheet
  37. Project Allotment Sheet
  38. Project Progress Report (PPR)
  39. Productivity & Manpower Plan
  40. Communication Report
  41. List of License
  42. Change Note
  43. Master List of Records
  44. Research Objectives Monitoring Sheet
  45. RPMS Audit Plan / Schedule
  46. Internal Research Audit Non–Conformity Report
  47. Corrective Action
  48. ISO 20252:2019 Clause wise Audit Review Report
  49. Research Objective Plan
  50. Management Review Meeting

7. Job description (05 job description)

Sample copies of job description as per ISO 20252:2019 are provided. The list of sample job description provided in the kit is given below.

List of Job description

  1. Job description for Managing Director
  2. Job description for Field Worker
  3. Job description for Field Manager
  4. Job description for IT Executive
  5. Job description for Research Manager

8. ISO 20252:2019 Audit checklist (more than 200 questions)

This covers audit questions based on the ISO 20252:2019 market research management system requirements. It will be a very good tool for the auditors to make audit questionnaire for auditing. It will bring effectiveness in auditing. A total of more than 200 questions are prepared on the basis of ISO 20252.

9. ISO 20252:2019 Compliance Matrix

This compliance matrix contains ISO 20252 requirement wise list of documented information for easy reference of users and to understand how this system is made.

Part-2: Training: ISO 20252 awareness training:

A. Presentation: –

Under this directory further files are made in power point presentation as per the chapter listed below.
Topic wise power point presentation in 4 modules as listed below.

1. Overview of ISO 20252

It covers Overview of market research management system, benefits and summary of overall system and process for ISO 20252.

2. ISO 20252 market research management requirements

It covers ISO 20252 systems, Requirements, to establish the market research management system, It gives explanation for many concepts and given in plain English.

3. ISO 20252 market research management documentation

It covers market research management system documented information details and list of areas where standard demands for documented information. Such documented information with list against the requirements is given.

4. Steps for ISO 20252 certification

It covers implementation methodology, steps for ISO 20252 certification, the non-conformances, process, what happens during a certification audit.

B. The literature to understand ISO 20252 subject well:-

This topic covers write up for the ready reference to the participant for understanding and reading the subject to get in depth knowledge on the subject.
It is given in word. You may also use it for further reading and circulations within audience.
Chapter No.                           Name of chapter
1.                            Overview of ISO 20252 market research management system
2.                            ISO 20252 requirements
3.                            ISO 20252 documentation
4.                            Step for ISO 20252 certification

C. Total 2 workshops to understand ISO 20252 requirements:-

This topic covers 2 workshops and total 20 questions with details to find out the ISO 20252 applicable clause number to check effectiveness of training gained by students.

D. There is 1 case study to understand ISO 20252 requirements:-

This topic covers 1 case study with audit questions with details to find out the ISO 20252 applicable clause requirement to check effectiveness of training gained by students.

How useful?

  • There are complete set of Manual, procedures, templates, etc., takes care of all the sections and sub-sections to get better confidence as well as improve the Market Research Management System.
  • The user/ISO consultants can modify readymade templates as per their working system and they can create their own documents for quick ISO 20252:2019 certification.
  • Procedures and formats are provided in document with training kit can help in fine-tuning the processes and complies with the requirements of ISO 20252:2019 standard.
  • This Documentation & Training kit saves much time and costs in document preparation.
  • It gives value for money to customers and payback is very low.
  • Ready to use templates in .doc format will give accuracy in the documentation process.
  • We provide a complete demo as well as sample documents with training kit, with a quick BUY option, that helps the user to understand the list of all documents covered in the kit.


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